Downloads and Installation


SMARTPOP version 2.0 is now available for testing. SMARTPOP can now simulate multiple populations with migration and complex mating systems.

Download the beta version on sourceforge and see the new manual.

Installing SMARTPOP

SMARTPOP is available as a standalone program for most common platforms. SMARTPOP can also be built from the original source code. For a parallel version, SMARTPOP must be compiled on your machine. Download the compressed archive and follow the instructions.


Mac OS X


Source code

Example files

For any use of SMARTPOP or re-use of its code please cite: Guillot and Cox 2014, SMARTPOP: inferring the impact of social dynamics on genetic diversity through high speed simulations. BMC Bioinformatics 15:175


Linux 64 bits (tested on Ubuntu 13.04, Fedora 17 and Mint 14)

Mac OS X

Mac OS X 10.8


Windows 64 bits (tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8)

Source code

SMARTPOP source code

To build SMARTPOP on your computer, you must have a C++ compiler (e.g. g++ or Visual Studio) and the Boost C++ library already installed. To build the parallel version of SMARTPOP, we recommend the compiler mpic++.

Serial version:

Move the source code to the directory, where you want it installed. Uncompress the archive. Once in the directory, call the make command.

mv ~/foo
cd ~/foo
cd SMARTPOP/src-serial/

You can check that SMARTPOP is running correctly on your computer using the test suite.

make test

Parallel version:

If mpic++ is installed on your comupter, move the src-parallel use the makefile included in the archive.

cd ~/foo/SMARTPOP/src-parallel/


The parallel executable is called smartpopMPI. To run it on X cores, you should typically call the software:

mpiexec -n X ./smartpopMPI -p 100

Example Files

Folder containing all the example files (including bash and R scripts).