Simulator of population genetics and social dynamics

SMARTPOP - Simulating Mating Alliances as a Reproductive Tactic for PopulationsΒΆ

SMARTPOP is a fast and flexible forward-in-time simulator for population genetics. Specially developed for speed, it is available in a serial and a parallel versions.
Developed for anthropological inference on human populations, SMARTPOP simulates individuals with sequences of sex-linked DNA (mitochondria, X and Y chromosomes) and autosomes. Studies of social dynamics are enabled using SMARTPOP flexible demographic model and social rules of mating.
SMARTPOP can also be used to study animals exhibiting complex socio-ecological behaviours.

SMARTPOP is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Please cite the following reference when using SMARTPOP or re-using its source code:
SMARTPOP: inferring the impact of social dynamics on genetic diversity through high speed simulations
in BMC Bioinformatics 2014 15:175, by Elsa G Guillot and Murray P Cox.

SMARTPOP v2.0. This new version includes multiple populations, migrations, complex mating. Following this new release please contact the author for any bug you may observe.