Downloads and Installation

Installing SMARTPOP v2.0

SMARTPOP v2.0 is available as a standalone program for most common platforms. SMARTPOP can also be built from the original source code. For a parallel version, SMARTPOP must be compiled on your machine. Download the compressed archive and follow the instructions.


Mac OS X


Source code

Example files

For any use of SMARTPOP v2.0 or re-use of its code please cite: Guillot and Cox 2014, SMARTPOP: inferring the impact of social dynamics on genetic diversity through high speed simulations. BMC Bioinformatics 15:175


Linux 64 bits (tested on Ubuntu 13.04, Fedora 17 and Mint 14)

Mac OS X

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Coming soon.

Source code

SMARTPOP source code

To build SMARTPOP on your computer, you must have a C++ compiler (e.g. g++ or Visual Studio) and the Boost C++ library already installed. To build the parallel version of SMARTPOP, we recommend the compiler mpic++.

Serial version:

Move the source code to the directory, where you want it installed. Uncompress the archive. Once in the directory, call the make command.

mv ~/foo
cd ~/foo
cd SMARTPOP/src-serial/

You can check that SMARTPOP is running correctly on your computer using the test suite.

make test

Parallel version:

If mpic++ is installed on your comupter, move the src-parallel use the makefile included in the archive.

cd ~/foo/SMARTPOP/src-parallel/


The parallel executable is called smartpopMPI. To run it on X cores, you should typically call the software:

mpiexec -n X ./smartpopMPI -p 100

Example Files

Folder containing all the example files (including bash and R scripts).