Simulating Mating Alliances as a Reproductive Tactic for Populations
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*demographic_function.hContain the demographic function P(t+1) = f(P(T)). By default it is P(t+1) = a + b * P(T) + c * P(T) * P(T), but it is easy to modify, and everythign will follow OK.
o*genetics.hDefine the class DNA.
o*human.hDefine the class of individuals without DNA.
o*humandna.hDefine the class of individuals with DNA and mtDNA.
o*humanmt.hDefine the class of individuals with mtDNA (no DNA).
o*population.hDefine the class for population.
o*simulation.hDefine the class for simulations.
\*utils.hDefine a set of useful function to manipulate data. Also define the number of bits of the system (32 or 64), which should be detected automatically.