Simulating Mating Alliances as a Reproductive Tactic for Populations
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Class List
Here are the classes with brief descriptions:
oCDNAThis class represents each DNA sample in an array. It has no informations about individuals and populations. This simpler object is used to compute different indices of genetic diversity. Instances of DNA are created each time a sampling with diversity computation is done.
oCPopulationThis class stores the entire population, with individuals represented as an array of Human (or the inherited Humanmt or Humandna). The population eloves through time calling a sequence of function. A basic simulation will only have one instance of the class Population created at the begining which is modified through time.
oCHumanThis class represent the simpler instance of individuals, without DNA information.
oCHumanmtThis class, inherited from Human, model an individual with mitochondiral genetic data stored in an array.
oCHumandnaHumanmtThis class, inherited from Humanmt, models individuals having mitochondiral and nuclear genetic data.
\CSimulationThis class stores all the parameters linked to a set of simulations. Such an instance is typically created by one call of SMARTPOP in command lines.